Buoyant Chocolates Original Caramels - Fall Assortment

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Lilly's Original Caramels are rapidly becoming an all-time guilty pleasure at Buoyant Brands. As demand for their caramels continues to grow, they have been diligently developing additional flavors and taste profiles around their signature house made, ooey-gooey salted caramel and are pleased to introduce you to three more ultra premium caramels they call the Fall Assortment. The Fall Assortment, available in a 12-pack (four each of three flavors), features the following to-die-for caramel guilty pleasures.

Turtles - salty buttered pecans and our signature salted caramel enrobed in creamy milk chocolate

Pumpkin Gingersnap - their signature salted caramel infused with warmly spiced pumpkin pie and crispy gingersnap cookie in buttery white chocolate

Chocolate Covered Cherry - intense Italian Amarena cherries blended into their signature salted caramel and enrobed in rich dark chocolate

You'll fall for 'em. We guarantee it!