What’s Your Mantra?

i read an article in December that suggested “rather than declare a resolution for the entire year 2018, just pick a mantra that speaks to you in 1 word.”  The article went on to explain that 1 word would keep you grounded and would be easier to follow throughout the year.  Makes sense, right? So I did it.  I chose the word FOCUS, as I am often so easily distracted and I always load my plate with too many goals...even a short trip to the mall can turn into 4 hours of distractions!

Well, at almost 4 months into the year, I can safely say my word has stuck with me.  Have I stayed focused all year on tasks I’ve put forth?  No.  But....I have definitely used it to help me get back to staying focused on my daily plans.  Or when I go to the mall for a specific item...and walk by the shoes at Nordstrom, I must repeat, “focus, Angie, focus” and keep walking.  

So what is your mantra word?  That word that reminds you of your goals?  That takes you back to your plans and helps your dreams become reality?


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