Air & Anchor | Universal Balance Sun and Moon Necklace Pendant with Crew Extender

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No one said life was easy. Balancing work, family, eating healthy, indulging, etc - realizing we have just spread ourselves thin across all aspects of our life. It's time to rebalance and focus. All of those things exist in our life and complete who we are, but it's our job to lay them out accordingly. The sun and the moon exist, they overlap a bit but they have their own time in the day. Use it to remind yourself that we need to take one moment at a time and we can't do it all. Wear our sun and moon necklace charm with a white howlite gemstone on a chain extender when you need to find balance.

  • Vintage gold and silver plated
  • Recycled metals
  • 100% nickel free
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Handcrafted for women and men
  • Made in the USA