Zodica Zodiac Perfume Twist & Spritz Travel Spray Gift Set 8ml

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Introducing Zodica Purfumery Perfume!   Your scent introduces you before you even speak.  Why not let it be the scent of your sign, we promise you will love wearing your zodiac scent or your partners sign or a partner you want to attract. 

There are 3 ways to wear these amazing scents.  You can wear your own zodiac sign, most likely the scent you are drawn to most.  You can wear a scent by season and be charmed by this moment in time.  Lastly, you can wear a scent by attraction and let your heart lead you through a mindfully enchanted life. 

The Travel Spray Twist & Spritz is the perfect gift also.  The black gift box includes a refillable travel perfume containing 150 sprays, a ribbon and charm with the zodiac symbol and name, and an Intention Card with ScentScope for a magically mindful experience.

100% Vegan Paraben-Free Phthalate-Free Cruelty-Free Gluten-Free No artificial coloring Size: 8ml / .27oz 150 sprays